Please review the information below before you log-in.


If you would like to submit a research activity involving human subjects to the USM Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects for review please use the e-Protocol Management System (e-Protocol is currently compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer).


If you have any questions or would like to request assistance please contact the Office of Research Integrity and Outreach (ORIO) at: or 207-780-4517, we are happy to help!


NOTE: All research activities involving human subjects must receive review and approval BEFORE they are initiated. Approval is documented formally, on signed letterhead. Email notification should not be construed as approval.


1. Do you have a username and password? If not, you'll need to request one. In order for research staff to be listed on the protocol they must request a username and password as well.


2. e-Protocol is currently compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer only. You will also need to disable pop-up blockers in order to use the system.


3. Make sure your CITI training is up to date (completed in the last 4 years); you will be asked for this information in the system. If you have not completed CITI training or need to update your training please visit the USM HRPP Training website.


4. Make use of the resources, USM IRB guidance documents, and templates listed in the dashboard at the bottom of the Investigator home screen and also found throughout the form.


5. Familiarize yourself with the exempt categories, you will be asked to provide a preliminary determination regarding whether or not your project may qualify for exempt status.


6. If you don't think your project qualifies for exempt status you will be asked if your project falls into one of the listed expedited review categories. If you don't think your project fits into one or more of the expedited categories then you may proceed with the application and the proper review category will be determined by IRB staff.


7. Pay close attention to what each question is specifically asking; answers should be succinct and written in plain language.


8. Please remember that you are able to save your work, leave, and enter the system as you would like. 


9. If a question is not applicable to your project state- "n/a".


10. Please be sure you attach all relevant attachments before you submit (e.g., consent, assent, and parental permission documents, measures, funding application, letters of support etc.).


11. Check for completeness before submitting, the system will let you know if information is missing.


12. When you're ready to submit be sure that you have properly submitted your application-Submit Form.


13. Keep an eye on your email, you will receive notifications from the system but you will need to log-in to the system to take action.


14. If you have questions please ask for assistance, we are happy to help! Also, please review the e-Protocol site for FAQ's and other resources.


15. Finally, give us feedback about the system so we can improve it- what works well, what doesn't work, and what could work better. Feedback can be provided using the contact information listed above and will have no impact on your application.



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